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Enclosed by lakes, lagoons and beaches, The Entrance has been a very popular tourist destination since its first guest house was established in 1880s. Its location is perfect as it makes the most of the magnificent coastline of NSW. The Entrance locates right between the Tuggerah Lake on the northern and western side and the Pacific Ocean on the eastern side and it is about 80 minutes' drive from Sydney and 70 minutes from Newcastle. Come and stay with us in Sapphire Palms Motel and explore a list of attractions and activities for both kids and adults in The Entrance.

恩瑞斯小镇(The Entrance)坐落于澳大利亚新南威尔士州中央海岸,被湖泊沙滩环绕着,自十九世纪八十年代第一所旅店建成之后便是一个受欢迎的旅游胜地。它占据着中央海岸线优越的地理位置,西部和北部是塔格拉湖,东部是太平洋,距离悉尼开车仅需80分钟。我们欢迎您入住萨普海瑞旅馆来探索和体验恩瑞斯小镇的风土人情和美景乐事。

The Entrance Pelican Feed

Pelican Feeding is one of the Central Coast's most popular tourist attractions and takes place on The Entrance waterfront every day. It was all started over 20 years ago by staff at the local fish shop, who would feed scraps to the pelicans each day. Then in 1990s, The Entrance waterfront was named 'The Pelican Capital of Australia' by Council to coincide with the opening of a pelican feeding platform known as Pelican Plaza as part of the waterfront redevelopment. In conjunction with many sponsors and a wonderful team of volunteers, council have made it possible to feed the pelicans whole fresh fish every day and make it the spectacle it is today. In recent years, the daily practice attracts 20,000 visitors annually.

鹈鹕喂养表演每天在恩瑞斯小镇(The Entrance)海滨举行,是中央海岸最受欢迎的旅游项目之一。这项表演最早可以追溯到20多年前,当地鱼店的工作人员每天都会向鹈鹕喂食食物残渣,直到20世纪90年代,恩瑞斯小镇 (The Entrance)被政府命名为“澳大利亚鹈鹕之都”,同时开放了一个名为鹈鹕广场的鹈鹕饲养平台,作为海滨水域重建的一部分。在这里,政府与许多赞助商、志愿者团队一起,每天给鹈鹕们喂食整条全新鲜的鱼,并使其成为了今天的奇观。近年来,鹈鹕喂养表演每年可以吸引将近2万名游客.

Memorial Park/Town Centre

Take 8 minutes’ walk/3 minutes’ drive from the motel, you can reach the Entrance Town Centre. There you can find Memorial Park, Australian Light Horses Monument, Vera's Water Garden, the Entrance Waterfront Playground, the Entrance Skate Park, etc. The Entrance Memorial Park is located at the heart of the town and features a band stand,a grassy area with stunning lake views. Situated right on the foreshore next to Memorial Park is Vera's Water Garden and The Entrance Waterfront Playground, they are the main playing field for kids and also good places for the parents to sit back and relax while the children play. Apart from that, you can also find the shopping centre in town centre and the Entrance Market which open 9am-2pm every Saturday.

恩瑞斯小镇(The Entrance)镇中心 / 纪念公园

从汽车旅馆步行8分钟或者开车3分钟即可到达恩瑞斯小镇(The Entrance)镇中心。在那里有纪念公园,澳大利亚轻马纪念碑,维拉水上花园,海滨游乐场,滑板公园等。恩瑞斯小镇(The Entrance)纪念公园位于镇中心,设有乐队展台,是一个可以看到美丽水景的绿化区域。坐落在纪念公园旁边的海岸上的是维拉水上花园和海滨游乐场,这些主要是孩子们的游乐场所,也是父母们在孩子玩耍时休憩的好地方。 除此之外,您还可以在市中心找到购物中心和每周六上午9点至下午2点开放的恩瑞斯小镇(The Entrance)市场。

The Entrance Ocean Baths

This is the only ocean pool on the Central Coast with free access all year around. These baths were constructed between the year 1938 and 1965 and started initially as a rock pool, but now an engineering masterpiece. It’s only 4 mins drive/15 mins walk from the motel. Put on your bathing suit and have a dip in the Entrance Ocean Baths. You will find a 50-metre pool for adults and a children’s pool and the necessary associated facilities.

恩瑞斯小镇(The Entrance)海洋浴场

这是中央海岸唯一的一个海洋浴场,全年免费。这些浴池建于1938年至1965年之间,最初是一个岩石池,但现在已经建成一个人工海洋浴场。距离旅馆开车仅需4分钟步行仅需15分钟。穿上你的泳衣,在恩瑞斯小镇(The Entrance)的海洋浴场畅游吧,这里有一个50米长的成人游泳池,一个儿童游泳池和一些其他的相关设施。

Coast to Lake Walk

The Entrance Coast to Lake Scenic Walk is a self-guided walk which cover over 7.6km and including 4 sections. It connects pedestrians to the attractions, landmarks, and facilities around this beautiful area. To cover the walk, you may spend 1.5 hours if you are a fast walker, or up to 3 hours at an easy stroll. During the walk you can enjoy the picnic and barbecue areas, beaches, lookout, ocean baths, outdoor fitness station, cafes, galleries and filtered water station. Sections 1, 3 and 4 of the walk are fully accessible to all abilities, prams and bicycles. Section 2 requires beach access and walking on rock platforms.

海滨湖畔漫步 - 4条线路图

恩瑞斯小镇(The Entrance)海滨湖畔漫步是一条自助式徒步线路,全程超过7.6公里,包括4个路段。它贯穿并向行人展现了这个小镇周边美丽的景点,地标建筑和公共设施。如果您是一个步速快的人,走完全程大概花费一个半小时,如果您喜欢悠闲自在的游玩,走完全程可以花费3个小时。在步行期间,您可以使用沿途的野餐和烧烤区域以及海滩,瞭望台,海洋浴场,户外活动场所,咖啡馆,画廊和供水站。线路1、3和4对所有人开放,包括残疾人、婴儿车和自行车均可轻松抵达该步行路段。线路2对可以进入海滩并能在岩石上行走的人开放。

Central Coast Ferries

If you'd like a peaceful day travelling the waters around the motel, there are plenty of opportunities to choose from. Woy Woy to Empire Bay Service, Palm Beach Service, Patonga to Palm Beach Service, Scenic Hawkesbury River Cruise and The Cockatoo Ferry. Let’s take Woy Woy to Empire Bay Service as an example. It is operated by Central Coast Ferries as a regular ferry service between Woy Woy, Saratoga, Davistown and Empire Bay 7 days a week on the New South Wales Central Coast. Central Coast Ferries cruise up the Cockle and Lintern Channels and across Paddys Channel to Woy Woy on a daily basis. A round trip takes around 1 hour and for visitors to this area you can take a leisurely break in your journey to do the Illoura Reserve Walk, which is a historical look at the region, and the award winner Davistown RSL is a highly recommend choice for your lunch.


如果您想在旅馆周围的水域度过宁静的一天,那么有很多机会可以供你选择。中央海岸游轮,棕榈滩服务,芭东亚到棕榈滩服务,风景秀丽的霍克斯伯里河游船和凤头鹦鹉渡轮。我们简单介绍一下中央海岸游轮,这是一个由中央海岸游轮运营的、贯穿Woy Woy,Saratoga,Davistown和Empire Bay之间的日常渡轮服务,它位于新南威尔士州中央海岸,每周运营7天,圣诞节和圣诞节后一天除外。中央海岸渡轮每天都会沿着Cockle和Lintern海峡游览然后穿过Paddys海峡到达Woy Woy,往返大约需要1个小时,对于观光此地区的游客来说,可以在这里悠闲的小憩一会儿,也可以徒步并观光该地区的历史景观,或者去大家极力推荐的Davistown RSL吃个午餐。

Australian Reptile Park

Located at Somersby on the Central Coast of NSW, about 50 kilometres (a one-hour drive) north of Sydney and one-hour drive south of Newcastle, is the award winning Australian Reptile Park. In 1940s, the park was established by Eric Worrell at the Ocean Beach Aquarium Umina Beach. It was renamed the Australian Reptile Park and moved to Wyoming in 1950s. Then a second move to Somersby occurred in 1990s. The park is heavily involved in the snake and spider venom collection program which save thousands of lives. It is home to a variety of native Australian wildlife, including koalas, kangaroos, cassowaries, Tasmanian devils, Komodo dragons, etc. Get up close with the Australian animals and enjoy the interactive exhibits such as the Lost World of Reptiles, Spider World, Frog Hollow and Platypus House.

中央海岸沙滩及水上活动 ——冲浪/浮潜/皮划艇..

金色沙滩,风景如画的棕榈树,充满活力的咖啡馆地带和戏剧性的岬角正是使中央海岸成为澳大利亚最受欢迎度假胜地的原因。中央海岸线上有许多有安全巡逻设施的海滩,如Lakes Beach, Soldiers Beach,The Entrance North, The Entrance, Toowoon Bay, Shelly Beach, Terrigal Beach。大多数海滩提供厕所,停车场,咖啡厅,烧烤区和游乐场所。中央海岸的海滩大多保持着原始风貌而且人流稀少,使得游泳或冲浪成为一种愉快、享受而且美妙的体验。在The North Entrance海滩上,平均冲浪1.6米并且设有双杠系统。此外,对于那些喜欢在浅水区浮潜或亲潜的人来说,在Toowoon Bay和Bateau Bay有一些很棒的地方,您可以在那里探索平静的海域,享受沙子折射的光线或者和躲在海藻床中的鱼类玩耍。除此之外,对于那些喜欢冒险的人来说,可以租一艘皮划艇,去探索中央海岸地区最美丽的偏远海滩。

Beaches and Activities on the Central Coast

The golden sand, picturesque trees, vibrant cafe strips and dramatic headland are exactly what make Central Coast the most popular holiday spot in Australia. There are many patrolled beaches along the coastline such as Lakes Beach, Soldiers Beach,The Entrance North, The Entrance, Toowoon Bay, Shelly Beach, Terrigal Beach. Most of them offer toilets, carpark, cafe, BBQ area and playground. Beaches on the Central Coast are pristine and uncrowded, making a swim or surf outing an enjoyable and wonderful experience. In The North Entrance,energetic surf averages 1.6 metres and features a double bar system running the length of the beach. Moreover, for those who like snorkelling or pro-dive in shallow water, there are some great spots in Toowoon Bay and Bateau Bay, where you can explore the surrounds in calmer water and enjoy Sand Rays or play with the fishes which hiding in the kelp beds. Apart from that, for those who immerse themselves in adventures can hire a kayak and discover the most beautiful remote beaches of the Central Coast region. Beaches and Activities on the Central Coast

中央海岸沙滩及水上活动 ——冲浪/浮潜/皮划艇..

金色沙滩,风景如画的棕榈树,充满活力的咖啡馆地带和戏剧性的岬角正是使中央海岸成为澳大利亚最受欢迎度假胜地的原因。中央海岸线上有许多有安全巡逻设施的海滩,如Lakes Beach, Soldiers Beach,The Entrance North, The Entrance, Toowoon Bay, Shelly Beach, Terrigal Beach。大多数海滩提供厕所,停车场,咖啡厅,烧烤区和游乐场所。中央海岸的海滩大多保持着原始风貌而且人流稀少,使得游泳或冲浪成为一种愉快、享受而且美妙的体验。在The North Entrance海滩上,平均冲浪1.6米并且设有双杠系统。此外,对于那些喜欢在浅水区浮潜或亲潜的人来说,在Toowoon Bay和Bateau Bay有一些很棒的地方,您可以在那里探索平静的海域,享受沙子折射的光线或者和躲在海藻床中的鱼类玩耍。除此之外,对于那些喜欢冒险的人来说,可以租一艘皮划艇,去探索中央海岸地区最美丽的偏远海滩。

Norah Head Lighthouse

Located at the headland on Central Coast overlooking the Pacific Ocean is the Norah Head Lighthouse. The building is 27.5 metres high, topped by a blue stone gallery. It was built in 1903 as an operating beacon for shipping. Norah Head Lighthouse is the last James Barnet style lighthouse to be constructed and the last staffed lighthouse in New South Wales.Tours through the lighthouse operate every half hour daily from 10am to 1pm. Enjoy the atmosphere and history of the lighthouse with an experienced and knowledgeable guide by any chance. You can enjoy the Maritime shipwrecks stories when experience the breathtaking ocean views.

Norah Head 灯塔

Norah Head灯塔位于中央海岸的岬角,俯瞰着太平洋。 这个灯塔高27.5米,顶部是青石画廊。 它建于1903年,是一座运营的航运灯塔。 Norah Head灯塔是最后一座詹姆斯巴尼特风格的灯塔,也是新南威尔士州最后一座人工灯塔。灯塔每天上午10点至下午1点供人们观光。 如果有机会与经验丰富、知识渊博的导游一起来感受灯塔的历史氛围,你可以一边聆听马丁海上沉船的故事,一边体验令人叹为观止的海景。

Hunter Valley

With a viticultural history dating back to the early 1800s, The Hunter Valley is Australia's premier and oldest wine growing region. It’s home to more then 150 wineries, including family-run boutique operations and world-renowned brands such as Semillon and Shiraz. Most wineries are located south of the Hunter River and offer cellar door wine tastings and informative vineyard tours covering everything from grape growing methods, the wine producing process and wine appreciation. Apart from the wine tasting and cheese tours, restaurants aplenty, sweeping landscapes and mobs of kangaroos make this place a fabulous holiday destination. Recreational opportunities include enjoying spas and golf courses, boating on the Hunter River, taking hot-air-balloon flight, joining the helicopter tour and fly over the Sydney Harbour, visiting the various museums, enjoying 4-wheel driving tours of nearby Yengo National Park, hiking and mountain biking. The magic starts just 75 minutes’ drive (80 miles) from the motel. Come and take yourself to a country getaway like no other.



The Wyong Milk Factory

The Wyong Milk Factory was established in 1900s and has been restored, saved and salvaged into an area where the whole family can enjoy! Come and discover this place. You can taste and purchase the local premium handmade chocolate and a stack of the best cheeses in Australia at the resident cheese and chocolate factories. Or you can break your day and hire a kayak or rowboat travel along the Wyong river. Apart from that, you can visit the cafe or enjoy the live music and have a drink in the rustic beer garden at Wyong Milk Tavern. Come for a tour, it’s one of the most interesting things to do on the Central Coast and worth to spend a few hours and relax here.


怀昂牛奶工厂成立于20世纪初,经过修复、保存和维护,现在成为一个可以供全家人一起度假及享受的地方!来探索这个地方,您可以在居家式的芝士工厂和巧克力工厂品尝和购买本土优质的手工巧克力和澳大利亚最好的芝士。或者您可以尝试点新鲜的事情,租一艘皮划艇或划艇去游览怀昂运河。除此之外,您还可以光顾咖啡馆或在有乡村风味的Wyong Milk Tavern酒馆的啤酒花园里,一边欣赏现场音乐一边小酌一杯。观光怀昂牛奶工厂是中央海岸最有趣的活动之一,值得花几个小时在这里放松一下。